Healthy Food Tips: How to Make Better Food Choices

What you eat affects how healthy you are. That’s what many people say when it comes to food. Well, we cannot deny that the foods that we eat affect our life especially our health. This is because some foods are considered healthy and some other are considered less healthy. Then, how can we make a better food choice for a healthier body and mind? Check this following healthy food tips for further information.

how to make better food choices

Tips to Make Better Food Choices for Your Health

For your healthier life, there are actually some tips related to your food choices that can help you to achieve a healthier you are. Here are some of the things that we are talking about.

·   Know what you need

For your information, your nutrition need will be different based on your physical activity level, age, height, weight and gender. That’s why we cannot generalize that everyone needs the same portion of foods since they have many differences based on the points above. You need to get personalized nutrition information for this.

For instance, if you are a woman and you are having baby now, it means that you need more foods than others because you eat not only for yourself but also for your baby. Then, an athlete who has high physical activity level may need to eat more calories for energy.

·   Enjoy foods you love but eat less

There is no problem if you want to enjoy the food you love. However, it is recommended to use a smaller plate so that you can have a small portion for your meal. This is very helpful to control the number of foods and calories you eat.

Moreover, eating in smaller portions but often is also recommended to help you manage your weight. You can split your meals into five times. There will be breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. But, remember that you need to watch out the portion. For the morning and afternoon snack, you can opt for fruits.

·   Opt for low-fat, fat-free dairy product

To strengthen your bones, you will need dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese. However, it is suggested to choose dairy products that are low-fat and fat-free in order to make your food choices healthier. Avoid any dairy product that is processed with added sugar too since it will not be good for your healthy diet.

·   Make a half of your plate veggies and fruits

There is no hesitation that we need to mention about this when we are talking about a healthy food choice. Fruits and vegetables have been known as the most significant foods for our health. You need to eat much of these foods to make sure that your nutrition needs are fulfilled.

You can add fruit to your meal as piece of main or side dishes. Select orange, red or dark-green vegetables such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes and broccoli alongside with other types of vegetables for your meals. Don’t forget to choose veggies and fruits that come in different color.

·   Eat whole grains more often

On these healthy food tips, instead of eating refined grains, it is recommended to eat whole grains which are considered far healthier. You can select whole grains such as brown rice, whole grains breads and pastas. Whole grains offer high amount of fiber which is helpful to give you fullness feeling and also to provide you various key nutrients.

·   Drink more water

More than a half of your body consists of water. Drink enough water then will help you to stay hydrated. Drinking clear water and any other drink will help you to keep a healthy weight. You can consider bringing a bottle of water with you every time you go out or keep a bottle at your desk so that you can grab for it quickly when you are thirsty.

When it comes to beverage, you can also consider having tea especially the one that is considered healthy like green tea, ginger tea or chamomile tea. If you like to drink alcohol, you can actually have it once in a while. However, make sure to drink it in moderation.

·   Learn what is in the foods you eat

Just like many other healthy lifestyle tips, learning what is in your foods is important to make sure that we eat a healthy food especially when we eat packaged food. Make sure to check both the nutrition facts and ingredients labels to find out what kind of things contained in the food you are going to eat.

Since added sugar and artificial sugar are considered unhealthy, you can consider avoiding foods that contain this ingredient. Then, in the nutrition fact, you can learn how many calories intake will you get when you eat the whole package as well as other nutrients level that you can expect from the food.

·   Limit some foods intake

For your healthier body, there are several foods that you better limit. You are supposed to cut calories intake by limiting foods which are high in added sugar and solid fats. In this case, you can limit your intake on fatty meats such as bacon, hot dogs and ribs. Moreover, you need to limit the consumption of candies, ice cream and cookies too.

·   Be a better cook

One of the best ways to make sure that you eat a healthy food is by cooking it by yourself. It will be a good idea to learn healthier recipes that use less salt, sugar and solid fat. Since you cook it by yourself, you know what you should add to your meal and what you shouldn’t for your better.

Those are a few healthy food tips that you can follow to achieve healthier body. In addition to your choices of foods, make sure that you also be active whenever it is possible. You can consider walking to your office, take stairs instead of lift and many other small things that can keep you active. The last, good luck!

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