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Today, I'm gonna be sharing with you all my health lunch recipes/ideas. These are great for academy, for work for anything on the go.  I'm so excited to be sharing these with you guys. 

These are my personal favorites. This right here is one of my favorite home-cooked meals I used to have when living back home it's salmon and veggies salmon is a kind of my favorite proteins and then paired with my two favorite vegetables. 

You guys are gonna love it. The ingredients you'll need is organic, mayonnaise spike, which you can actually get at any grocery store, health, grocery store here in the US, garlic, salt, sugared, potato, a cluster of asparagus and, lastly, salmon. 

The first step in making this delicious lunch is protruding a knot of pits in the sweet potato. This reaches it cook sound and fast, and all of that good trash I like to rinse the sweet potato, even if they are I don't personally dine the skin the way I'm baking it today, so bath it and then pre-heat your oven to 425 for about an hour. 

Meanwhile, let's get the veggies organized or the other veggie readied asparagus is so amazing with this so again patently gargle it and then am i the only one that does this. I was taught to kind of snap it in half and then wherever it interrupts, that's where like the bad and is okay, so moving on salmon since we're baking this at the same time we're gon na educate it at the same time, you're, certainly going to want to rinse it and coating it with very thin layer of organic mayonnaise. 

This might seem disgusting to some of you, but I attest. It is so good. My dad made this recipe for me all "peoples lives", so this is like his secret recipe. Sorry dad I'm uncover it and then the next thing you're going to do is positioned a ponderous amount of that spike seasoning. 

Now that I think about it, I don't even know why we threw mayonnaise on it. I've merely I'm growing up, so wishes to threw a very generous amount. That is what is the secret and then set it on a baking membrane spraying. 

A little region of olive oil down for those asparagus, asparagus. This is just so good. I can't get over it to season the asparagus I like to season it with garlic, salt and then gave a tiny bit more olive oil on it just so it roasts yummy and framed it in the oven. I like to do this once the sugared potato is done because it's obviously different degrees. 

This does take a bit of go, so, if you're missing something to either compres to work or for clas, I recommend making this the evening before, since the sweet potato makes forever. But now I am simply plating it up, and this sweet potato is so amazing. I seasoned it with butter and a little of salt, but you can do whatever you want or, however you, like your sweet potato. So this is my first health lunches theme. 

I, like I said, grew up on this. My dad prepares it perfect and I reflect I've perfected it. He may make it a little bit better, but I wanted to share this little home, sweetened home recipe. Does that even make sense this next one is super delicious and easy. This is a spicy hummus veggie cover with a side of apples. 

u can use whatever raise you like. I personally desire red bell: seasoning, cucumber carrots and then, of course, the side of return that you want. I favorite tortillas to use our ripened grain ones, they're a great source of protein and they're organic and then the hummus I like to use is a spicy one. This is from Sabra, I feel, that's how you enunciate it and it exactly generates it a little bit more flavor if you're , not abusing a pre-cut or like pre sliced veggies. This is the time that you're going to cut them. 

I use simply half of a cucumber and too half of a red bell spice in this, so that stirs me about four three three little packages and then, if you don't use the rest of the precut veggies or the current veggies, you can merely dip them in Hummus and it's a delicious snack so now I am on to the red bell, spice and I always take that little excavation out or like the inside of it, because that's yucky, okay, frankly, the easy thing to do would just be to buy shredded carrots, which you Wholly can, but I already had these babe carrots on hand, so I didn't find it necessary to go out and obtain something when I could pretty much do the same thing. 

I don't really thoughts. It was a little bit difficult, but I was just sliced them all into like halves or one-quarters. It was fun. I have one of those helpful, dandy, Apple slicers, that exactly gashes it and like goes the core out, but this Apple was too big. So now I am really slicing it away. Apples are probably one of my favorite outcomes. Now "its time to" assemble the little wrapping and I'm not gonna lie. 

These tortillas are extremely particularly tough and they're, almost a little bit too hard-handed. So if you're, okay with a mess, I altogether say, eat them, go for this tortilla because it is healthier and it's a great source of protein. But if you kind of want to avoid that and have it be a little bit easier, I'd say: go for something like a spinach tortilla or something of that sort, because if you can see when I take a bite or even try to roll it up, it Kind of it's just too hard-boiled, and it's it's just a little bit difficult. 

I'm reminding you, but it savor astonishing. In my view, it's a little of a hardy tortilla if you've never had Ezekiel. So there it is super savory super duper healthful. You have those fresh veggies, the bumpy fresh fruits and again the tortilla. You can't beat it you'll precisely need to pack a cloth and yeah consider entirely comes apart, but I don't care. I hope you guys liked this recipe and let's and go on to the last one. 

This next one is my crunchy tuna sandwich and it's actually not even technically a sandwich because it's open-faced, so let's get started. You'Re gon na need tuna fish celery. I use two stalkings organic mayonnaise again and if you don't want to use mayonnaise, you can always do oval kado. The flavor is a bit different, but you can that's all turn. Ative dark-brown, rice, rice, cakes and the last thing is these Clausen marinades. I think that's how you say it Claussen. I don't know I forgot to mention this, but the tuna fish I get is always in water. I dislike the tuna fish petroleum. 

I think it's just SuperDuper gross, and so I like to mix it in this little jar - and I already mentioned avocado - that's an alternative, but I personally just like to use mayonnaise use a very light amount. Again. I dislike super saucy tuna really gross. I affection a lot of substance in my tuna fish, so I use two whole celery straws, like I said, and so here I am really chopping it up. 

I don't know why I'm so picky with the marinades that I buy it ought to have this brand. I merely I detest any other brand of marinades, I'm weird, I know so after all of that is done, I just add it to my bowl: arouse it up and assemble the little sandwich. The reason I like to use rice cakes instead of bread. 

I don't really know why I've just been doing this for probably the last year or so tuna sandwiches are good, but I precisely promote this. I enjoy the neat crunch and I think they're just SuperDuper yummy. I hope you guys experienced visualizing what my favorite going to see health lunches are, if you guys make any of these, I would love to hear back from you guys either on Twitter or in the comments below, and another thing I want to mention is everything that you Need to know recipe wise and a list of all the ingredients are in the description box under this video. 

But before I move, I forgot to mention I love to add fresh fruit with this. It kind of relieves up the tuna fish and all of that so I love you all and I will see in my next video bye,

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