Nut Free School Lunch Ideas

Hey, guys, this is Jennifer with the family fudge and on this direct, we'd like to share lots and lots of fun lunch opinions, but on today's video we're going to focus on just nut free lunch and I'm gon na share some of our favorite. But before we are starting, don't forget to affected that red agree button and go ahead and give this video a big thumbs up. If you liked it now, let's get to those lunches. First up, we have lunch idea, number 1, so I actually parcel these lunches. Last-place night, time to save a bit of time this morning, yeah I'm still running late, I'm not sure how it happened.

But anyway all the kids are going to school today and they have to have a lunch with no nuts. They go to a nut-free school today. So I too had to pack them a snack today and an extra drink so I'll go ahead and start with snacks. Each one of the boys has their a little reusable snack bag, and today it's super simple, with just some pirate booty and then on to the lunches. Now all of these lunches are pretty much the same.

So each of the adolescents do have this little spoon fork. Knife combo, so hopefully I'll get these back today, let's see right in now, so each minor has an applesauce Cup, some equality steamed broccoli. So this isn't absolutely stripped it's not hokey either it's somewhere in between and then I also have some turkey cheese roll-ups. This is just turkey and cheese in a tortilla, and then this is a little container of the homemade ranch like I criticized yesterday. They really like that, and it was known it went over really well so there's the primary lunch now, I'm too jam-pack in apple liquid.

Today, these are the ones from Costco they're, 100 % Jews no contributed sweeteners. So we really like these and, of course, they'll likewise be packing their water bottles. Next up is lunch idea number two. Today, it's a really busy day and we're about to head out the door, the teenagers have academy and then they have their gymnastics class and then maybe later we'll head to Costco, I'm not quite sure. But I'm gon na go ahead and demo you what we jam-pack in the lunches today and today is sort of.

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I become your own lunchable era so I'll go ahead and display you what the hell is carried first off. We have some crackers now, these are just the regular ones from Trader Joe's. I really like those, and then I have some slices of cheddar cheese, which I have cut into flower determines with this cute little cutter that I found at Daiso. Now, if you're bizarre, I do save the excess cheese sections and my 1-year age-old likes to snack on these. Let'S identify, "we've had" some a rolled up inhaled goose and I like to make these on these cute little a reusable pickings.

Now these are actually from the Dollar Tree and they're, not abrupt, so they're really safe for the minors, and I like that they keep the meat sort of rolled up and gaping nice and then I likewise have some grapes. Some carrot fastens and a little container of ranch garmenting. The teenagers really like the ranch dressing, so I simply send a little bit and then they also have a juice. Today I usually do liquid on Tuesdays and Thursdays kind of a special treat. This is the organic apple grape from Costco and then for their analysis.

They have a fruit leather. Now this one is from Trader Joe's in the Apple raspberry flavor, so they adoration these, and I know they're gon na desire this as well. Now pretty much, all of these are the same. Like I said, however, for my three-year-old, I do cut up her grapes. Grapes stimulate me a little hesitant with her, because she doesn't generally slow down to eat, so obviously trimmed her sorrow.

Next is lunch amount three, but today my older two minors have a field trip and my preschooler she's staying with me, but I ran ahead and manufactured her a lunch. Merely like the older boys regardless, and today, I'm trying out a new thermos. The brand-new thermos is that I've never tried before so, hopefully those will go over well now, because I'm exercising the thermos today, I don't really have office in my lunchbox for my regular receptacles, so instead I'm employing the sandwich receptacle and I'm divide it with my silicone Cups, so just like that now just like regular, these lunches are pretty similar. I time to have a little bit less meat for my preschooler, so I'll go ahead and testify you in this container. We have some grapes, some strawberries and some cheese.

Now, this dark-brown cheese I get from Costco and it's very much like a baby Bell, cheese except it doesn't have the wax wrapper. We have that and then in the thermos today we're trying out the Joe O's, which is very much like SpaghettiOs, but these are like the organic Trader Joe's edition. So what I did was, I started by taking all of my thermoses and I crowded them up with simmer hot water, and I cause it to hang out there for about half an hour longer would have been okay, but I exactly don't have that much time. So then, while that was happening, I heated up my jaws to roughly evaporating like really really hot. Then I dump the liquid out of the thermoses and crowded it with Jobos, but it's not full.

Its probably just about halfway full. That'S fairly for my kids and then I put the lid on tight, so these contend that they'll stand hot for up to five hours, but their lunch time is genuinely precisely in three hours. So we will see. Oh, I asked them if it aided heated or not. Okay, moving on for their snack today, I really sent a little cereal bar.

They don't need anything thought for a snack today. These I get at Trader Joe's, and this is the mango flavor, which are their favorite today, I'm likewise sending an apple juice box and, of course, how their ocean as well and then in this little container, I time have some pretzels these square pretzels fit. So perfectly in these little receptacles - and I think it's really cute - and this keeps them from going soggy, so I didn't throw the pretzels in with these people and also I've retained to pack their little spoonful forking spate. So these are pretty much the same, like I said, moving on to lunch idea, count 4 and I'm also handing the thermoses another try. We used them last week and they worked out really well, but today I bundled some meatballs with barb-q sauce now I moved onward and started by filling up the thermoses with sizzling boil ocean.

First, while I heated up the meatballs, I precisely introduced the meatballs in the microwave, a searing him up as I naturally would, but in a separate container i heated up the barbecue sauce as well, and I get that are actually piping hot. When everything was ready, I dropped the spray out of the thermos lay in my meatballs and my barbecue sauce, and then I clamped the lid on tighten. So we'll appreciate, I'll ask the teenagers how heated they are when they actually dig in now. Other than that I did various kinds of a snacky lunch now "were having" some cheese that I stirred it into some really cute little stomach contours. We have more cucumbers, just like yesterday, I'm really trying to use them all up before they go bad and then to go with that.

I have a little container of a ranch, my minor's favorite thing of for veggies. Now, with our lunch today, I also backpack a liquid and I kids love the Jews, but I try not to give it to me every day, but today they're having the Apple great and for their little analyse, I jam-pack a fruit skin. This is the apple wild, berry from Trader Joe's and also in their lunch. I bundled a fig bar. These actually have two inside, and these are really good whole-grain and there are actual figs inside the fig bar now, of course, the adolescents will likewise be carrying their water bottles, but that is pretty much it.

Oh, I did recollect their spoons. We have the spoon crotch. Nice combo right in there next up lunch number five. First off I have these little applesauce bowls, but they're actually apple strawberry, and just so you guys know these fit perfectly inside the little Ziploc lunchboxes I merely using them turned around so that you guys can actually assure exactly what he, but before I close them up, I'M gon na go ahead and turn them around. They just fit perfectly now, to go with that.

I likewise backpack some diced up pears, some ranch and some broccoli. Now today's broccoli is fresh broccoli, so I don't know how well they'll do with that. Are you gon na eat it yeah? I hope you do because Brock is good for you yeah and then today I have a special sandwich because I constituted these sandwiches today with some bagel reduces. Now I really like the bagel things because they're a little bit more dense than regular bread and they don't get as soggy as regular bread.

So I just took a bagel thin. I kept a thin blanket of mayonnaise and mustard, some sliced cheddar cheese, some sugar ham and then I closed it up and then I extended onward and chip them in half because it just fits perfectly inside this little container. And then I supplemented this cute little pic and when you put it in the sandwich, it hinders all of the beds of the sandwich together, simply in case their lunch carton becomes reeling it in their knapsack. The sandwich is not gon na fall apart. So I think that is everything that I bundled today, I'll probably also give them a granola disallow for their snack and, of course, they'll make their ocean as well.

And finally, we have lunch idea. Number six have a Willie with me now, helping me jam-pack lunches. Can you say hi, so we are about to head out the door, but before I do that I'll go ahead and testify you what I backpack now today, I'm trying something different. I don't know if the babies will like it or not. Today, I'm packing cereal for lunch.

Does it inspect good? Did you try this cereal before yeah? These are the pumpkin O's, which are a lot like Cheerios, but the pumpkin range so we'll be seen to what extent that proceeds over yeah, the pumpkin I'm on this surface and some Mandarin oranges on that slope. I'M likewise jam-pack milk. This is nice and cold for my fridge, but this is actually shelf-stable milk.

So it's fine. If it doesn't stay coldnes, it's totally penalty. So I told the kids to use your straw shove a pit right here and then squeeze the milk in there realize yourself a bowl of cereal, so they may like it. I'M not quite sure sounds good to me, though, of course, I also included a spoon today and in this little container I have something new as well. These are little pepperoni pierces.

Now I can't naturally left a Peroni, so I'm thinking that they're gon na like these. So in these people I have just the same, except I have a little bit less in Lily's Lily. Does this look like enough food for you? Do you think your tummy's gon na be full yeah all right, so I'm gon na go ahead and parcel a tooth up and then we'll make it home I'll evidence you what the hell is intent up with? Oh, yes, and one more thing before I sign up, because I probably did a lot of questions on the receptacle.

These receptacles are actually the Target store labels. Now commonly I like to use these Ziploc ones or these Systema ones, but they wouldn't really fit in the configuration today. So I'm trying out these new smaller Target brand ones, and I precisely has to be acknowledged that these guys are not there already, not my favorite. They end up really easily and the lid is actually kind of hard to get off. So I don't know if my preschooler will be able to do it by yourself, but so yeah.

Emphatically not my favorite lunch container, and that delivers us to the question of the day, and that is: is your school not free? Let me know in the comments down below okay friends. I hope you experienced these nut free lunches. If you did don't forget to thumped that red agree button and we'll see you in the next one.

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